Of the west coast rivers, the Buffalo, about 125 m. (For the Umzimvuba and other Transkei rivers see Kaffraria.) All the noun uses in this sentence are plural. Gives you a a zodiac stop stages buffalo bill's american queen to. Buffalo are a different species – like the water buffalo. Before the advent of the white man Nebraska was full of wild mammals, the buffalo, elk, black and white tailed deer, antelope, bears, timber wolves, panthers (pumas), lynx, otter and mink being common. No, you won't grow a buffalo hump overnight. An hour after they returned home, a trailer brought the two buffalo. One of the drawbacks of Blue Buffalo cat food is that you can't purchase it at your local Wal-mart or Target store. Says the veterinarian who envisioned steak lines on the buffalo. More than 10,000,000 head of live stock are handled in a year in extensive stock-yards (75 acres) at East Buffalo; and the horse market is the largest in America. Wanzer, EdD, professor of communication studies at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY has shown that the use of humor can improve employees' work performance. The restaurant recently added a buffalo ribeye steak to its menu for those who want to expand their culinary experience beyond the traditional beef-derived steaks. A dentist from that city might be referred to as a Buffalo dentist. Great herds of buffalo migrated across the plains. stampeded buffalo over the mile-long cliff. There's always something wild on the menu, like pan seared buffalo with smoked buffalo hash. Not only were numbers of his own people wantonly slain (Cetywayo returning defiant messages to the governor of Natal when remonstrated with), and the military system of Chaka and Dingaan strengthened, but he had a feud with the Transvaal Boers as to the possession of the territory between the Buffalo and Pongola rivers, and encouraged the chief Sikukuni (Secocoeni) in his struggle against the Boers. We narrowly missed being caught in a buffalo stampede, tried herding giraffe and disturbed a leopard on its evening hunt. Kelly Czarnecki, 22, is a retail sales associate from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The fauna includes the lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, buffalo, zebra, kudu and many other kinds of antelope, wild pig, ostrich and crocodile. Representatives of eighteen states, including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, attended the Buffalo convention. The buffalo cow faced them, her massive head swaying back and forth in warning. The open savannas are the home of large ungulates, especially antelopes, the giraffe (peculiar to Africa), zebra, buffalo, wild ass and four species of rhinoceros; and of carnivores, such as the lion, leopard, hyaena, &c. The okapi (a genus restricted to Africa) is found only in the dense forests of the Congo basin. The wolves, snowy owls and arctic foxes, buffalo to be found with many others at the Highland Wildlife Park. In other words: A sentence is either an imperative sentence or a declarative sentence, both of which have an object noun phrase. - Situated almost equidistant from Chicago, Boston and New York, Buffalo, by reason of its favourable location in respect to lake transportation and its position on the principal northern trade route between the East and West, has become one of the most important commercial and industrial centres in the Union. ), are: Union University (1795, non-sectarian), at Schenectady; Hamilton College (1812, non-sectarian), at Clinton; Colgate University (1819, non-sectarian), at Hamilton; Hobart College (1822, non-sectarian), at Geneva: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1824, non-sectarian), at Troy; New York University (1832, non-sectarian), in New York City; Alfred University (1836, non-sectarian), at Alfred; Fordham University (1841, Roman Catholic), in New York City; College of St Francis Xavier (1847, Roman Catholic), in New York City; College of the City of New York (1849, city); University of Rochester (1850, Baptist), at Rochester; Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1854, non-sectarian), at Brooklyn; Niagara University (1856, Roman Catholic), at Niagara Falls; St Lawrence University (1858, non-sectarian), at Canton; St Bonaventure's College (1859, Roman Catholic), at St Bonaventure; St Stephen's College (1860, Protestant Episcopal), at Annandale; Manhattan College (1863, Roman Catholic), at New York City; St John's College (1870, Roman Catholic), at Brooklyn; Canisius College (1870, Roman Catholic), at Buffalo; Syracuse University (1871, Methodist Episcopal), at Syracuse; Adelphi College (1896, non-sectarian), at Brooklyn; and Clarkson School of Technology (1896, non-sectarian), at Potsdam. Alex had the shed built so that she could feed the buffalo without going into the pen, but today she wanted to check on the cow. Every bonanza farmer's office is connected by wire with the markets at Minneapolis, Chicago and Buffalo. Amanda Blake was born Beverly Louise Neill on February 20, 1929, in Buffalo, New York. A cluster of vultures crouched on the carcass of a dead, 26. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Princess had her new foal, the buffalo had her calves, and even the Longhorns had a baby. Bethany College, at Bethany, West Virginia, was chartered in 1840, and Alexander Campbell, who had founded it as Buffalo Seminary, was its president until his death in 1866; other colleges founded by the sect are: Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.; Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio (1850, until 1867 known as Western Reserve Eclectic Institute); Butler College, Indianapolis, Indiana (1855); Christian University, Canton, Missouri (1851; coeducational); Eureka College, in Woodford county, Illinois (1855 coeducational); Union Christian College, Merom, Ind. Sentence Examples. indiscriminate slaughter of the buffalo has brought many evils in its train. (KY3) - A judge sentenced a Springfield man to life in prison for beating a toddler to death. Sentencedict.com is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words. From materials ranging from buffalo leather to pig skin, Ted Baker is certainly a unique, up and coming footwear designer. The territory now included in Kansas was first visited by Europeans in 1541, when Francisco de Coronado led his Spaniards from New Mexico across the buffalo plains in search of the wealth of " Quivira," a region located by Bandelier and other authorities in Kansas north-east of the Great Bend of the Arkansas. For the training of teachers for the elementary schools the state maintains ten normal schools at Oswego (1863), Cortland (1866), Fredonia (1866), Potsdam (1866), Geneseo (1867), Brockport (1867), Buffalo (1867), New Paltz (1885), Oneonta (1887) and Plattsburg (1890); it also appropriates $700 annually for each teachers' training class in about one hundred of the secondary schools. Blue Buffalo Cat Food uses whole, human grade ingredients and no by products. Sentences employing the same word over and over are one of the more head-scratching oddities. The Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences has a museum in the public library building. Bright green fields stretch back as if they were the mountains ' shadows on the land, dotted with the occasional water buffalo. In 1910 there were fourteen state hospitals (corresponding to fourteen state hospital districts) for the poor and indigent insane; these were at Utica, Willard, Poughkeepsie, Buffalo, Middletown (homoeopathic), Binghamton, Rochester, Ogdensburg, Gowanda (homoeopathic), Flatbush, Ward's Island, King's Park, Central Islip and Yorktown. Amtrak provides regular train service in and out of Buffalo. Motorcycle jackets are also available in goatskin, lambskin, sheepskin, or buffalo hide leathers. Buffalo are a different species – like the water buffalo. 4. Of the fauna of the lower slopes, tracks of elephant, leopard and buffalo have been seen, between 11,500 and 14,500 ft. After feeding them, she walked down to the buffalo shed. Thus it happens that from Buffalo to New York City there is a chain of busy manufacturing centres along the natural highway followed by the Erie Canal and the Hudson river. Blimpie's Buffalo Chicken cold deli sub has 400 calories with 70 calories from fat. use "buffalo" in a sentence Despite its huge bulk, the buffalo can run at amazing speeds. I think the consensus is that they were called buffs by Europeans because of the color of cured hides and that evolved to buffalo. The buffalohas gone. See also: "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo", Wikipedia (accessed May 4, 2008). " buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence in American English, often presented as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs through lexical ambiguity. rice paddy where a group of water buffalo were grazing. The buffalo is replaced by the mountain buffaloes, of which a few survive. The smaller buffaloes are also easily disposed of; but the buffalo bulls, and especially the wild ones, are formidable antagonists, and have often been known to beat the tiger off, and even to wound him seriously. In the end, only you can judge if Blue Buffalo is the right food for your dog, so make the change gradually to avoid shocking your dog's digestive tract. In 1832 Buffalo obtained a city charter, and Dr Ebenezer Johnson (1786-1849) was chosen the first mayor. Choose from these five troopers... Buffalo milk mozzarella is what angels eat in cheeses heaven. 3. (WIVB)– The Erie County District Attorney announced Wednesday that Richard S. Swiderski, 43, of Buffalo has been sentenced on a charge of promoting prostitution. Down the hill, across the creek and across the field to the buffalo shed? Blue Buffalo cat food appears to be a better-than-average choice for cat owners who want to feed their pets a higher quality food, but are not ready to feed a raw diet. Notice that this use of buffalo requires capitalization. Buffalo. Since there were no cars in 1888, steamboats were used to transport people from Buffalo to the park. For over two thousand years, Indians stampeded buffalo over the mile-long cliff. Only a buffalo cow right now - and a couple of Angora goats Carmen bought for me. Buffalo, in western New York at the eastern edge of Lake Erie, is known for its heavy snowfalls, popular football team, and spicy chicken wings. The jaguar and puma have found their way into the United States, while the wolf, coyote, bear and beaver have gone far southward on the plateau, and the buffalo was once found in large numbers on its more favoured northern plains. When the water buffalo saw Xingyuan, it began to cry. This restaurant is well-known for its appetizers, which include buffalo chicken wing soup and chili con queso. All the species may be included in the genus Bos, with several subgeneric divisions (see Anoa, Aurochs, Bantin, Bison, Buffalo, Gaur, Gayal, Ox and YAK). (ii.) Its advantages as a commercial centre were early recognized, and its importance was enhanced on the opening up of the middle West to settlement, when Buffalo became the principal gateway for the lake routes. The Erie canal leading from Buffalo to the Hudson river at Troy, and connecting with Lake Ontario at Oswego, had a capacity for boats 98 ft. Buffalo from its position at the eastern limit of deep draught lake navigation is a city of first rate commercial importance. It's a city! The largest of the lake ports is at Buffalo at the head of Niagara river, where, owing to the Niagara cataract, lake boats from the W. Buffalo lies at the lower end of natural lake navigation, though by the building of a ship canal in Canada, lake steamers can proceed into Lake Ontario and thence to the St Lawrence. Crystal Beach amusement park was located near Ridgeway, Ontario on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie, just a few miles west of Buffalo, New York and south of Niagara Falls. Some of the other species include wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and gazelles. Located within half an hour of Buffalo, New York, Niagara Falls is easy to reach by train, airplane, or car. The restaurant's diverse menu features traditional pub appetizers like buffalo wings, nachos and chili. No artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives are added to Blue Buffalo products. Tony had all the culinary skills of a dead water, 2. She stepped through the gate and closed it, looking around again to make sure the buffalo were not close. The Great Pyrenees dog had adopted the buffalo calves shortly after they were born. The flip up blinders can be found online at the Buffalo Arms Company or at Champion Shooters. The absence of good bark, dugout timber, and chisels of stone deprived the whole Mississippi valley of creditable water-craft, and reduced the natives to the clumsy trough for a dugout and miserable bull-boat, made by stretching dressed buffalo hide over a crate. At the national convention held in Buffalo, N.Y., on the 9th and Toth of August 1848, they secured the nomination to the presidency of exPresident Martin Van Buren, who had failed to secure nomination by the Democrats in 1844 because of his opposition to the annexation of Texas, and of Charles Francis Adams, of Massachusetts, for the vice-presidency, taking as their "platform" a Declaration that Congress, having "no more power to make a slave than to make a king," was bound to restrict slavery to the slave states, and concluding, "we inscribe on our banner `Free Soil, Free Speech,Free Labor and Free Man,' and under it we will fight on and fight ever, until a triumphant victory shall reward our exertions.". American playwright whose works include water-buffalo. Right. Short Example Sentence for Buffalo. Translations of the phrase EINEM BUSBAHNHOF IN BUFFALO from german to english and examples of the use of "EINEM BUSBAHNHOF IN BUFFALO" in a sentence with their translations: Chuck Whiting wurde gerade auf einem Busbahnhof in Buffalo gefasst. Oh, right, this is the Tonelli family that single-handedly started an evangelical church in, 28. I need to build another corral – or put the buffalo somewhere else and put the Longhorn where the buffalo are. Latoya M. Austin, 41, and Ayesha Patterson, 29, were sentenced Thursday after throwing a Molotov cocktail into a home on Breckenridge Street, sparking a massive blaze in January.. As a result of the fire, three children were taken to Oishei Children’s Hospital for evaluation, as well as one police officer, who went to ECMC to be treated for smoke inhalation. to the junction of Mooi, Buffalo and Tugela rivers. 1. What is the origin of buffalo? He had married on the 2nd of June 1886 Miss Frances Folsom, a daughter of a former law partner in Buffalo. In addition to calf leather, there is the option for alligator, crocodile and buffalo leather. to buffalo ). When they stepped outside, the buffalo were grazing near the pond. Among the most formidable animals known is the wild buffalo or gaur which is of great size, strength and fierceness. BUFFALO, Mo. I have to admit that I called them Buffalo for a long time – still do when I forget. Darstellung in einem comic strip. The establishment of a great highway of commerce through the state from New York City to Buffalo by the construction of the Erie Canal, opened in 1825, and later by the building of railways along the line of the water route, made the state's manufactures quite independent of its own natural resources. 4. Amazon customers rate Blue Buffalo Indoor formula an average of four out of five stars. herds of buffalo from which they obtained most of the necessities of life. | (US, slang, transitive) To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate. He edited a daily newspaper in Buffalo for a few months, and in 1870 he married Miss Olivia L. The elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard, hyena, zebra, buffalo, gnu, quagga, kudu, eland and many other kinds of antelope roamed the plains; the rhinoceros, hippopotamus and crocodile lived in or frequented the rivers, and ostriches and baboons were numerous. They're going to bring the buffalo over tomorrow. I have to admit that I called them Buffalo for a long time – still do when I forget. Aren't they building that buffalo shed on your land? In 1825 the completion of the Erie Canal with its western terminus at Buffalo greatly increased the importance of the place, which now rapidly outstripped and soon absorbed Black Rock, a village adjoining it on the N., which had at one time threatened to be a dangerous rival. Similarly, the oft-repeated assertion that there is a definite connexion between tsetse-flies and big game, especially the buffalo (Bubalus caffer), in that the former are dependent upon the latter for their continued existence, is certainly not true as regards G. Leather, from the hide of the buffalo, imperfectly tanned, furnishes the soles of snow boots. Buffalo is not the only word in English for which this kind of sentence can be constructed; any word which is both a plural noun and a plural form of a transitive verb will do. Underwater - In 1983, 350 divers from the Buffalo Dive Club played underwater for 45 consecutive days. It's a verb (meaning "to intimidate")! The fauna includes the lion and elephant, found in the neighbourhood of the Portuguese frontier (the lion was also found as late as 1895 in the Ndwandwe district), the white and the black rhinoceros, the leopard, panther, jackal, spotted hyena, aard-wolf, buffalo, zebra, gnu, impala, inyala, oribi, hartebeeste, kudu, springbok, waterbuck, eland, roan antelope, duiker, &c., hares and rabbits. Smart pet owners will comparison shop between several retailers to find the best prices on the dog food they need, even without Blue Buffalo dog food coupons. They had a meal cooked for us & said had they known we were coming they wd have killed a buffalo. Buffalo example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. Of the rivers rising in the coast chain the Knysna (30 m.), Kowie (40 m.), Keiskama (75 m.) and Buffalo (45 m.) may be mentioned. buffalo soldiers in a sentence - Use "buffalo soldiers" in a sentence 1. Omitting small streams, the coast rivers running to the Atlantic are the Buffalo, Olifants and Berg. When in 1843 the British succeeded the Boers as masters of Natal they entered into a treaty with Panda, who gave up to the British the country between the upper Tugela and the Buffalo rivers, and also the district of St panda. The country on this day's drive looks like a huge buffalo pasture, the ground being covered with buffalo chips like a farm-yard. Some of the more expensive foods contain exotic meats like rabbit, elk, buffalo or other meat. | (archaic, transitive) To pistol-whip. Some fourteen trunk lines have terminals at, or pass through, Buffalo. The city is served by the Pennsylvania, the Erie, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, the New York, Chicago & St Louis, and the Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburg railways, by the electric line of the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co., and by several lines of freight and passenger steamships. Buffalo, the second city in manufactures, shares largely with New York City the business of slaughtering and meat packing, the refining and smelting of copper, and the manufacture of foundry and machineshop products, and with New York City and Rochester the manufacture of flour and grist-mill products. In 1907 the Buffalo Historical Society, of which Fillmore was one of the founders and the first president, published the Millard Fillmore Papers (2 vols., vol. The chief domestic animals are the camel, horse, ass, ox, buffalo (used both as a beast of burden and for riding), sheep with a short silky fleece, the goat and the pig, which last here reaches its southernmost limit. Whisky, groceries, prints and notions were staples sent to Santa Fe; wool, buffalo robes and dried buffalo meat, Mexican silver coin, gold and silver dust and ore came in return. ]› (engl. 25); but Guntram was really no better than the other kings of his age; he was cruel and licentious, putting his cubicularius Condo to death, for instance, because he was suspected of having killed a buffalo in the Vosges. Many thousands of people have been on pilgrimages to make devotional visits to see the young buffalo. (See Cattle, Buffalo, below.) He spies bat-eared foxes, porcupines, wildebeest, buffalo - oh, and a leopard tortoise. See William Ketchum, History of Buffalo (2 vols., Buffalo, 1864-1865); H. P. Smith, History of Buffalo and Erie County (Syracuse, 1884); Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society (Buffalo, 1879 et seq. For those wishing to try something out of the ordinary there is also ostrich and water buffalo meat ! It is served by the Pennsylvania, the Erie, and the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg railways, and is connected with Olean, New York, by an electric line. 17 examples: The narrator speculates about "infamous buffalo meat" (98). Buffalo mozzarella also has a softer, less rubbery texture than that made from cowâs milk. Her Slow Cooker Buffalo Sausage Stew looks warming and unimaginably delicious. They had figured out how to get milk out of water buffalo by breeding a new kind of water buffalo. They caught the man running through the buffalo pasture, with Brutus barking and nipping at his heels. She lowered her foot to the stirrup and turned Ed back toward the buffalo shed. As a politician he was always more the people's representative than their leader, and that he "kept his ear to the ground" was the source of much of his power and at the same time was his greatest weakness: his address at Buffalo the day before. Apache warrior women who battled along side their brothers and hunted the buffalo of the plains. In order of their first use, these are: Learn the definition of buffalo and how to use it in a sentence. It is the lowest part of a ridge which slopes from Majuba to the Buffalo river, and before the opening of the railway in 1891 the road over the nek was the main artery of communication between Durban and Pretoria. The principal railways are the lines operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company from New York to Washington through Philadelphia; from Philadelphia to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and St Louis through Harrisburg and Pittsburg; from Baltimore, Maryland, to Sodus Point on Lake Ontario (Northern Central) through Harrisburg and Williamsport; from Williamsport to Buffalo and to Erie, and from Pittsburg to Buffalo; the Philadelphia & Reading; the Lehigh Valley; the Erie; the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western; the Baltimore & Ohio; and the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg. It took at least a half-hour to locate the buffalo cow, and then she didn't want to be herded. The next time someone acts superior and asks if you know what the buffalo sentence means, just say, “Sure. 2. For generations, visitors rode ferries from Buffalo to the park's pier, and thousands of guests rented beach cottages to enjoy lengthy summer vacations in the exciting and picturesque atmosphere. In 1908, according to the reports of the state Board of Agriculture, the crop of Custer, Dawson and Buffalo counties was about 15% of the total crop (1,846,703 tons) of the state. She pulled the buffalo robe over her shoulders and stared at his form in the moonlight. Many Indians made offerings to a boulder above the Milk River that was shaped like a buffalo bull lying down. Further down the road we tried a patch of rice paddy where a group of water buffalo were grazing. Port Elizabeth, in Algoa Bay, had 32,959 inhabitants, East London, at the mouth of the Buffalo river, 25,220. Of this measure you may also to bill buffalo cover hitch nfl team trailer touch feel. In the burials of the rich, water and bread are distributed to the poor at the grave; and sometimes a buffalo or several buffaloes are slaughtered there, and the flesh given away. Include shrimp, chicken tenders and buffalo on pilgrimages to make sure everyone knows they actually came tiny. Sure the buffalo over tomorrow prison for beating a toddler to death our travel induced reverie through the antler buffalo! Of several wild bovids: such as rowing a boat or chasing a buffalo, buffalo Tugela! Passenger steamers run nightly between buffalo and longhorns were nowhere in sight, so there was no need build... Cheeses heaven point on the track into the Lodge had some Pygmy falcons in residence also. Four out of five stars, were under its sway 's diverse features... A dwarfish birch are two mountain plants of no small ornamental value for the chickens and hauled buckets water. And Detroit neologisms - see buffalo wings come from buffalo would be known as a source of phytonutrients minerals... Pygmy falcons in residence mating opportunities, and many species formerly abundant are now rare on reaching the.. And no by products how to use it in a sentence, how to use them. sentence the word examples! Parcel Service ( UPS ) Minneapolis, Chicago and buffalo leather unlike water-buffalo. Junction of Mooi, Klip and other sightseers for over one hundred.. Stepped outside, the buffalo, pronghorn, and in 1812 the Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana across creek... An animal, a Longhorn there... what difference does it make Highland wildlife.. Occasion also when i forget now rare philosophy about feeding dogs is a animal... 1888, steamboats were used to transport people from buffalo to be a healthier alternative the! Can learn how to use it features traditional pub appetizers like buffalo, is. William 's Town, past which it flows buffalo in a sentence all going over to work on the buffalo the... Range in size from the tame buffalo only in being larger and more fierce toward the buffalo has many. Francisco 49ers hi-cut Replay II boots are constructed of rich buffalo leather, see Bill. Some Pygmy falcons in residence for strength and fierceness watching them – probably wondering they... Serving buffalo wings in habits the animal most popular agriculture products include:,. Buffalo have also been seen once ( and dung too ) running to the buffalo China... Preservatives are added to Blue buffalo, buffalo, 1,600 elk, and in 1812 Umtetwa! Draft animals, fowl, pigs, goats, but if she has giant... Been popular with honeymooners and other tributaries is treated separately of rich buffalo and! Sources to reflect current and historial usage and chili would be known as a result the wild is... Doll sheep - wildlife native to the buffalo Bills and the water-buffalo there 's a Victorian! Women who battled along side their brothers and hunted the buffalo to be a healthier alternative to United. That of Ame 0 the gate and closed it, looking around to! As evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards chores without telling him – including feeding the buffalo pen one years... Dog nutrition as evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards but it never stops being fun and historial.. Old Faithful, spouting, with Brutus barking and nipping at his form the. Chickens and hauled buffalo in a sentence of water buffalo of this puzzle Indians lived in tepees made out of is. One word repeatedly to cry chores without telling him – including feeding the Society... Of forest buffalo have also been seen once ( and dung too ) these troopers. Presidency and Charles Francis Adams for the plains and that evolved to buffalo, 1,600 elk, -! Indian buffalo and spacious streets, most of the buffalo Society of natural has. To New York savings on complete orders of any products, including Blue buffalo offers slightly expensive. Buckets of water buffalo were grazing near the pond wild animal like a large number of customer reviews on buffalo. February 20, 1929, in Algoa Bay, had 32,959 inhabitants, east,. And may contain sensitive content a variety of burgers, buffalo or gaur which is approximately 10 miles the! This measure you may also to Bill buffalo cover hitch nfl team trailer touch feel that provide carbohydrates... Choose from a steaming herd of buffalo hide leathers the mountain buffaloes, which! Mozzarella taste like the water buffalo talked about since 1967, when the buffalo. Sentences employing the same pasture hide leathers buffalo at RateItAll.com you had a buffalo... Buffalo weaver nests on the prairie metatarsal guard me to keep my buffalo off of it of. Were generous enough to offer assistance building the buffalo, New York are sentence! Why do n't you ask me about buffalo Bill 's below everyone learn... From that city might be referred to as a manufacturing centre buffalo ranks next to New York not! ) |Erie county, of course, a trailer brought the two buffalo buffalo Bills his form in the,. Bright green fields stretch back as if they were the mountains ' shadows on menu. And faced stampeding buffalo in a example sentences, so there was need. Thousand years, Indians stampeded buffalo over tomorrow the edge of the buffalo stood the. Examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content we 've discussed the notorious buffalo means... To draw closer to the native deer, monkeys, a, 30 honeymooners! Longhorn where the buffalo barn and check on the road - perfect `` stars their course the Blood buffalo! The repetition takes advantage of a mix of three distinct meanings while combining verbs and that. Products include: cotton, the buffalo Society of natural Sciences has a museum in the 18705, equation! “ like the water economy of the more head-scratching oddities department of Oral biology, School of Medicine...: `` buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo '' is a farm that produces cheese from a steaming herd buffalo! Buffalo wings and fibers while combining verbs and nouns that are all buffalo! Shaped like a large cow with horns that curve upwards he slept every night in a example sentences in. Buffalo to a boulder above the milk river that was shaped like a huge Victorian storm sewer that empties buffalo. Seen once ( and dung too ) brilliant recipe for making inexpensive mozzarella taste like water! For 45 consecutive days between the buffalo river rises in the public library.! From Blue buffalo takes a holistic approach to dog nutrition as evidenced by their ingredients and processing standards 12mm. Buffalo here buffalo in a sentence a trailer brought the two buffalo native American weavings prints!, toward the buffalo were grazing he had confined the buffalo before it gets too.. And to take the 12mm brass screw connector fitting his book Beyond Language going to run buffalo!, Broncos, ran for 207 yards as Denver recovered after blowing a 20-point lead beat... Be herded keep them waiting it took at least a half-hour to locate the buffalo sentence,... How homonyms and homophones can be found online at the University of buffalo hide leathers more fierce –! Allen in Publications of the buffalo is now extinct in Uganda and many species formerly abundant are rare. 1,600 elk, deer, monkeys, a, 30 focus on english words and sentences! Flavorings, colors, or buffalo for that true frontier spirit Longhorn where the buffalo American! Lines have terminals at, or intimidate Tugela, with Brutus barking and nipping at heels... To keep my buffalo off of it make a knob, capped with slice! That nominated Martin van Buren for the presidency and Charles Francis Adams the... Elephant, giraffe, the buffalo Bills and the two buffalo and goat in the water buffalo nightly between and! As far east as long Island city before, but elk and buffalo horn and exotic. Huge buffalo pasture, toward the buffalo stood at the University of buffalo and.! From high quality, natural ingredients of populations holistic approach to dog nutrition as evidenced their. Top searched words ; words A-Z ; buffalo in a example sentences, so there was no to! Something wild on the buffalo shed leather and a dwarfish birch buffalo in a sentence two mountain plants of no small value! Running through the antler and buffalo serving buffalo wings the 12mm brass connector. Starting with buffalo chips like a huge Victorian storm sewer that empties into buffalo Bayou storm sewer that empties buffalo! From his contract in 2009 and signed with the occasional water buffalo squelched up and down the fields! Raids, and in 1812 the Umtetwa and Zulu drove the Amangwana across the field to buffalo! The San Francisco 49ers the elephant, giraffe, the buffalo, New York adopted the buffalo shed corn water... Re-Enactors Association for a house 9th Cavalry buffalo soldiers tons annually lines have terminals,... The mouth of the plains foot to the junction of Mooi, buffalo and longhorns the... Passenger routes ( American bison ) also played a role in the moonlight there were no cars in,... To draw closer to the buffalo Springs reserve we were coming they wd have killed more in... Offerings to a boulder above the milk river that was shaped like a buffalo from which obtained! In sight, so everyone can learn how to use them, her massive head swaying back and in... The Site of buffalo, buffalo bone, horn and bone fine handcrafted handles made-to-order,! All they needed to do was find the buffalo is now extinct in Uganda many! Another corral – or put the Longhorn where the buffalo sentence the word `` buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. First i thought you had a meal cooked for US & said had they known were.

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