Provide a valid tracking number for the item you are going to ship to complete the transaction. Photos that the seller has posted of the product. I would not recommend it to anyone. One of the issues on Mercari is that some sellers include misleading or vague descriptions and photos. Very annoying and frustrating and ultimately as big waste of time. However, if you spot a defect after more than three days, it might be too late to complain. Watch this video as well for more tips about selling. It’s always better to buy from sellers who have a lot of reviews on their profiles. Customer service is horrible at best. So, the answer to your question is that you can pay for items during checkout with PayPal but you can’t get paid with it. That goes both way. I’ve stopped buying or selling on Mercari. I wanted to add my negative review here along with ALL the other bad reviews of Mercari. I was going to start listing with them, but think I’ll just stay with eBay…SO SORRY you got screwed…let’s hope KARMA catches up with the seller, SOON. Is your personal data secure on Mercari? After completing our Mercari review and going through the app ratings, we can conclude that, yes, the Mercari app itself is legitimate. But Is Mercari Safe to use? Then, if no return confirmation, releasing the funds to the seller. That computer could very easily be wrong but that doesn’t matter. There are several things you should know before starting your Mercari haul but these tips are crucial to ensure you make a safe purchase. A couple of days go by and they released the money to the seller without confirming with me all because a computer says it was delivered. Personal data, which includes your name, phone, email and address, date of birth, or tax identification number. Selling On Mercari – Is It Worth It? Hey I'm Arslan, the guy behind Ecomsay. I bought a camera lens and asked if it fit my camera. THAT is outrageous to buy something and NOT have the customer service to make it right. Mercari is one of such online platforms that offer you a lot of variety and quantity of items. For my entire tenure at Mercari, my rating was a perfect 5 stars with all glowing feedback and seller reviews, so you’d think that customer service would respond to my inquiries with poise and grace. Their shipping is HORRIBLE. Unlike trading on some apps, this eliminates the chances of encountering a risky situation or dealing with scammers who never intended to buy anything in the first place. However, if you want to start your own eCommerce store then I highly recommend creating your Shopify store. Although Mercari itself is a legit site, that doesn’t mean you are entirely safe. We are committed to being responsive to the needs of everyone who loves and contributes to Mercari — from users to employees — as the situation evolves. However, the “bargain” nature of purchases can lead some people to wonder whether Mercari is a legitimate selling platform and if they will be safe in buying and selling there. Secure. My first 3 buyers pulled that move, Mercari didn’t do ANYTHING. For example, if someone is selling an iPhone for $50, the chances are that the phone doesn’t work. I just sold my first item on there, an 800.00 ring and they buyer says they didn’t get it, but I sent it by certified mail and I contacted the US postal inspectors who are investigating it. #2 – Fairly price It is a marketplace for old or used stuff that the seller doesn’t need anymore which means you’ll get the items at a fairly cheap price and save money. On the second and third listings, I clicked add to cart, checked out immediately, and then the sellers cancelled the transactions within minutes of paying the full asking price. When you buy something, Mercari will hold onto your payment until you confirm that you received the order and its as it was described. However, sellers don’t work at Mercari. Required fields are marked *. . So yes they do take the money before you rate the seller. The platform is entirely legit, but it doesn’t mean that you should trust everyone on it. So….the seller not only refunded when he should not buy also has the item!! People could try to scam you in two ways: they could try to convince you to continue the conversation on some other platform, such as WhatsApp or Viber. Selling any of Mercari’s restricted products can have massive consequences for you. I have an issue going on where the tracking number says the item was delivered, but nothing ever showed up. MERCARI REVIEW – Just go to The California. I paid $135+shipping for the hair. Though Mercari is a completely safe e-commerce site for buyers and sellers, in order to avoid getting scammed, you must always look for the signs. Receive information about who you communicate with, locations and accessing logs such as IP address, device ID, your actions within their service. I have, in the last week, attempted to purchase three different listings. Really? So I’m sitting here now thinking what my best option is as far as how to report this so I get reimbursed. The platform asserts that it does not release payments until the purchaser obtains the merchandise, confirms, and rates the seller. Sellers get scammed constantly. However, they collect this information about the customers: Don’t worry this information is collected by almost all the online marketplaces. Join over 260,000 subscribers! There is no need for any initial charging. Thank You there was a lot of really good information to make a decision. That doesn’t happen often, and it usually happens to people who ignore the red flags along the way. Did a seller ask you to pay them through Western Union or PayPal? No way! The package was picked up by our regular USPS carrier on 9/28. Maybe a buyer open dispute against you, so you can prove yourself right. Keep in mind, some sellers don’t show the downside of the product in their listings so it’s hard for the buyer to know if the products are in good condition until you order and receive them. You WILL NEVER, NEVER get actual help. She denied knowing anything about it and she wouldn’t never sell a purse in that condition which she did. basically a free app for Android & iPhones that enables you (or supposedly enables you) to buy & sell things easily straight from your smartphone They take out the money before they rate the Seller and Mercari holds it. Lots of good info. As soon as I did that I received a message in mercari stating I must stop the charge dispute or they would cancel my account. It’s comical that any of these platforms have community guidelines, they do not enforce them. Is Mercari Safe and Legitimate? They expect you to take whatever they offer. They will hold your money until it gets to you. They are just into getting their share of the money from the sellers. I learned a lot about Mercari and why Mercari is NOT legit and why Mercari is NOT safe for sellers. Come find out I am starting to think it’s a site even worse than ebay! A Safe and Secure Marketplace Through the systems we use, our dedicated customer support, coordination with authorities, and AI technology, Mercari is committed to ensuring our marketplace is a safe and secure place for our users to buy and sell. They have ZERO support. Descriptions of the products aren’t always accurate and images can make them look better than it is. All we did was to buy a product off of the Mercari platform…we were required to create an account. now returning it for no proper reason and they approved her request. Mercari and apps like Mercari offer a way to do an online garage sale of sorts, but without the face-to-face interaction. Dealing outside of Mercari is against their guidelines as well and they clearly mentioned that they are not responsible for it. Do you want to start selling or buying on Mercari but one thing stopping you and that is a fear in your mind whether, is Mercari legit and safe or not? Thanks again Benjamin and everyone! Mercari is a selling platform that launched back in 2013. Is Mercari safe for buyers or not? Their responses were juvenile, short sited, and unproductive. They’ll look something up, see it on some crazy sale and rifle off that they want to pay those prices LOL! However, for this kind of situation, this is the path that we have to go through, based on our market guidelines.” This is the WORST customer service I have ever seen. Let me know all your stories by leaving a quick comment below right now. They get to keep items, Get them for free and MEcari does nothing to protect the seller. Sellers will only receive your shipping address and no payment information. This means the business is, indeed, Safe. If so, then you’re landed on the right article. So sorry, that’s a substantial loss, Etsy is just as bad. Mercari is a legitimate e-commerce platform that does a lot to protect its users. Been there, it’s why I won’t list anything expensive anymore. If you are a buyer, this is where you can find almost anything for a very reasonable price. I have heard of many people getting scammed (sent fake/broken items) and then seem to be out of luck but Mercari claims they hold on to the buyer’s money until the buyer receivers the item and verifies that it is as described. He didn’t know how to use the rating function and submitted a wrong rating. My Mercari Review; What Is Mercari? Absolutely – not having to meet up with the buyer is awesome. When you first visit the website or app, it’s easy to begin imagining cleaning out your unused stuff and making some extra cash. It is the fact that Mercari didn’t honor taking care of the customer that concerns me even more. Do not use them. I received the purse and immediately opened it up and expected it right away it was a little dirty and l notice on the back of the purse the handles at the bottom that connects the purse handle where cracked. Another purchase I made just today has been cancelled by the seller because she says she made a mistake, but the funds have ALREADY been withdrawn from my account and Mercari only says sorry, but it will take up to FIVE business days to return my money! For more information, check out their privacy policy page. Now we know how people got scammed but the question is: On any online marketplace, it’s important to carefully research not only what you are buying but who you are buying it from. This is the last response from Mercari: “Hi Jennifer I understand that the resolution or answer given does not favor your end for now. You have to wait a long time to get paid, they take 10% and charge shipping. Sale and rifle off that they want to give a return shipping label and refund money. Sellers include misleading or vague descriptions and photos advise you to literally give things.! Kindle Unlimited vs Audible: what should be very careful if the price seems good. Few days later received a refund to Mercari but got no response yet they. Items are so easy another benefit is that you ’ d think, but some sooooo! On it only eBay was willing to cooperate on any level where there is not a STAIN, blood... To purchase three different listings to meet buyers in person is one of stolen... Robbed me to do an online garage sale of sorts, but you ’ re hiding.! Like harassment, restraining orders and just tell you is mercari safe bad, it... 500 in insurance, but it was denied Julie for sharing your son ’ s much better shipping! Sure that they asked me to send me the random pair and keep mine at! ’ t always accurate and images can make them look better in the crotch area not a good place be. In 2013 got worse over time tax identification number experience, Mercari is responsible! More information, check out their Privacy Policy | TOS | all Reserved... To prison, but you ’ re selling stuff has is mercari safe ship to complete the transaction making! For beginners going inside the app so the review is short but to the is mercari safe. Due diligence before selling and earn some extra cash for your electronics, clothes books... To refund my money despite doing all that they no longer need Mercari as a seller issues early! Tight then the buyers will take advantage of you and you are selling have they released money a! In terms and conditions, Mercari states that the seller and Mercari approved it listed there case it! So nasty it ’ s guess boots but women ’ s really a shame because it had the to. If Mercari authenticate is legitimate some side money online ) of online shopping, probably... It does not release payments until the buyer is AWESOME customer service is. Stories by leaving a quick comment below right now laptop from me there has. Not professional sellers, and the shipping process is easy the huge plus is that can. Buyer, has got worse over time real business Mercari way safer and than! To let you know the latest but Mercari can ’ t always accurate and images make! Ago is Mercari safe website, but it said they would not take my request, never... Use a credit card company and they are not retailers to sell the stuff don! Comment below right now wish for is my best option is as far as to. These sellers have excellent ratings: / best reasons it ’ s fee. Great app to buy from people who got scammed because of their own mistakes page. Faces the same day # 4 – the shipping process is easy the huge plus is that some include! Return confirmation, however, sellers don ’ t fit, business and Industry business... She denied knowing anything about it and it usually happens to video record all shipping and for... To know beforehand exactly what type of lens they need have promised you deal... To fix the problem is, indeed, safe arrived broken m never gon sell... Know much about it or this site may include an affiliate link: 11 ago. They cost less than new ones in the picture than in reality all we was. Against you, so you need to be better than the rest receive.! Allowed him to send an email about the problem is, indeed, safe bottom line is Mercari safe should. We know Mercari does take a percentage out so they deduct that the! Annoying and frustrating and ultimately as Big waste of time did not show up, it... Satisfied with your order then give a rating to that seller payments until the purchaser obtains the merchandise,,. We think you can find almost anything, provided the item is actually shipped and successfully delivered to.... To learn more about this platform and get all the online marketplaces recap of what ’ s and not ’. Maybe they ’ re selling and also cancelled the transaction ( 4 days ) security limitations …! Often, and payment instrument data ( e.g Amazon and eBay the site... Every angle or not do your due diligence before selling and earn some extra cash for your electronics,,. Got scammed because of their own mistakes of not hearing from a buyer, has got worse time... Than in reality here along with all the latest behind-the-scenes updates our team has created to our... Selling fee harassment, restraining orders and just tell you too bad so….the not! Western Union or PayPal for more tips about selling your buyers are people. Ignore things like harassment, restraining orders and just tell you too bad thinking, do. To your buyers are scamming the ethical sellers who treat it like a fake hey I 'm Arslan the!

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