Trav… Join our marketplace for ongoing sales, promotion, and list-building. Plus, it costs about the same as an entry-level traditional (read: non-electronic) bike. Babymaker. Whenever someone makes an Indiegogo account, they get signed up for a daily newsletter. I am looking for a great copywriter to help craft an Indiegogo page for a tech product. This month’s top Indiegogo campaigns. This innovative item has made it easy for anyone interested in bee collection to pursue the hobby without the extra labor involved. Audio 1.2. Indiegogo thinks guaranteed projects can help traditional crowdfunding campaigns Alongside this change, Indiegogo has welcomed more established corporate partners onto its platform. The Indiegogo team has helped to improve our marketing materials and promote our project on their platform, which helped us sell over $7.6 million dollars through our launches so far." 13 likes. The Ken Wilber Biography Project: 147479: Indiegogo: Film: More Info: Lace Anchors 2.0: A simple design for simple people. But this neat feature, which was developed in 1795, usually adds a few zeros to a watch’s price point. “Indiegogo is our go-to global launch channel for our new products. In the words of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Edge is a ‘superphone,’ created to drive the next generation of personal computing. Indiegogo or Kickstarter for Games – Which Platform Should You Choose? 146121: Kickstarter: Food: More Info: Where the Heck is Matt? Transportation 1.11. $4,278,786 USD; This month’s top Indiegogo campaigns. All around the world, backers have been flocking to Indiegogo this month to find products that can help them stay productive and get outside. The Babymaker is still going strong on Indiegogo! Entertainment Website. This is an especially important consideration if you want to run under the Community Projects category. Indiegogo Top Successful Projects 2019 with Over $1Million Funding. ... You can join our crowdfunding community and vote for the top projects … As you begin planning your campaign, you may have some questions about whether or not Indiegogo allows the type of campaign you want to run. Kickstarter can’t touch Indiegogo’s newsletter. The Fuze Card launched on Indiegogo this Spring, and quickly raised $50,000 to hit its funding goal. The selling feature of the Mate X is not its looks or its size, but it’s ability to fold down to a very compact 78 cm high, 103 cm long and 59 cm wide. Without this we would be nowhere near today’s success.” — Rob Rast, Co-Founder, Babymaker. STRØM CITY W is a stylish e-Bike for women straight from the biking capital of the world. But what is truly remarkable of this watch is the fact that it can be worn for 30 days without charge. In non pandemic times books can take a year or more from the time the campaign begins. This means it can be brought along anywhere you want without occupying major space. Although it’s not a tech product, it is rated highest in the innovation category. It has a five speed pedal assist that can let riders go up to 32 km/h and three speed Shimano gears. Shortly thereafter, the project quickly moved itself over to IndieGoGo, where it raised close to $500,000. Advertising your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project is the most critical element of a successful campaign. Discover your next a-ha moment in our roundup of standout projects, from live crowdfunding & InDemand campaigns to innovative products shipping now. Unlike clunky, regular e-Bikes, this bike is sleek and lightweight. Based on the creativity, design, project branding, usage and of course, the estimated availability of the product, we update our list weekly from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Indiegogo by the Numbers . Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 4/22/20. 1) MATE X: Foldable e-Bike – $17.7 Million, 4) ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch – $6.5 Million, 5) Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator – $4.4 Million, How to Start a Campaign on Indiegogo – A Basic Guide. Indiegogo is a powerful, open crowdfunding platform that has made it possible for hundreds of businesses to raise funds for their projects. If you want to truly be successful on Indiegogo, you need to know for sure what people really want or you should be able to solve a real-world problem at an affordable cost. This high spec eBike is the highest funded project on Indiegogo standing at $17.7 Million with more than 22, 770 backers. The analysis is fairly comprehensive and gives us insight into the best time to launch. “Monster” is an apt name for this portable generator — it packs a heck of a punch! Product sales from their newsletter can top $10K per feature. A tourbillon lets you peer into the inner workings of your very fancy, very accurate watch. Already-funded projects also use Indiegogo, to create publicity or find distributors. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that allows people from all over the world to contribute to a project effort. What’s better is the platform’s in demand feature that has allowed for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds even after they’ve met their goals. Fashion & Wearables 1.5. This pocket-sized productivity wondertool features 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to keep you moving fast when you’re, well, moving fast. With an initial focus on helping independent filmmakers fund their projects, Indiegogo is used widely by entrepreneurs of all kinds. Don’t let the mainstream products or technologies intimidate you. Indiegogo’s New Partnership with Japanese Pre-Order and Support Platform Makuake, Now in Japan: The Indiegogo Global Fast Track Program, A Day in the Life of Michelle Fno, Founder of Aromeo Diffuser. And the best part? It doesn’t promise perfection. Indiegogo is unable to guarantee that projects will succeed or that perks will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. It’s perfect as your daily driver: Astro Slide runs Android 10 OS with a multi-boot option for supporting Linux. It was launched in 2008 and has since funded thousands of campaigns in more than 200 countries and has helped many aspiring individuals to kick start innovative businesses and raise funds for charities. Camera Gear 1.3. Signs of spring are starting to pop up, and we couldn’t be happier. You can hear foreign languages translated into your language as they speak. We’re here to help China’s top innovative products launch in U.S. and Western markets. Tech & Innovation 1.1. In case of a project with flexible funding, your money will go to the campaign owner even if the funding goal has not been reached. Things You need to Know. Over about eight years, I've supported over 300 projects on Kickstarter. The record-breaking project was the tabletop game Kingdom Death , … Kickstarter or GoFundMe? top 10 crowdfunding projects We introduce you with the top 10 CURRENT crowdfunding projects and update our page regularly.

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